Server Management

Service Optimization

We will help you in tuning major services running in server to match your domain requirements. Tuning services will result to proper utilization of allocated resources, so we can avoid unwanted downtime for your servers and domains.

You can avail this at $10 per server

What we will do
Apache/Mysql/DNS tweaks
Exim, Qmail and Sendmail tweaks
Memory/hardware test

Server hardening

We will help you in hardening your servers and so that hackers / abusers will keep distance from your servers.

You can avail this at $10 per server

What we will do
SSH hardening and secure /tmp
Installing & Configuring Mod_security & Mod_evasive
Installing Anti-root kit software
Hacking and symlinks checks
Applying patches to server software to avoid any eventualities
Socket monitor installation & Configurations
Firewall/Brute Force Detection Tool installation & Configuration [APF/BFD]
PHP security audit
Kernel upgrades including grsecurity
User/Password security
Sysctl security and configuration
Hardware diagnostics test
Periodic Security Audits & Applying Security Patches
Finding and removing root kits
OS Updates & Control Panel Updates


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Client Testimonials

"Ping4support is a great company in terms of support. Better and faster than my data center guys :)"

- George

"Very professional team and I got my replies within 20min with the amazing result with my server happy with them :)"

- Q.SiN

"Great service, fast support. Friendly support staff and quick reply. I am bit weak in English, but they will understand my problem clearly"

- Zeljkaho

"The support, respond times and knowledge are superb! We are extremely happy with their service for our infrastructure."

- McDonnell

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